Testimonials & Success Stories

At Baywest Homes we believe that building a home should be an engaging and meaningful experience. In March 2018 we were chosen as the Builder of Choice by our homeowners, employees and trade partners. Everyone on our team is focused on making your experience a memorable one. We strive for excellence because of you.

Avid Ratings

When you move into your new home, you will be invited to participate in the New Home and Builder review program. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to tell us how we did and how we need to be better. Through a trusted third-party research firm, Avid Ratings they will gather feedback so that we may better understand our homebuyers experience and helps us to develop strategies that will continually improve the quality of our homes and the service provided by our trades and suppliers.

Cranston's Riverstone | January 2020

Jeff and Jerry Lynn

Jodi Hodgson was incredible to work with and very helpful. Ashley from Debutante Design was a lifesaver through the selections process and that is a great feature that Baywest provides their customers. Chris Thomas was very diligent and knowledgeable. Dawn Bouchard was very patient with us and helpful. Overall it was a great experience

Jeff and Jerri-Lynn | Cranston's Riverstone | January 2020

Sharon | Cranston's Riverstone | August 2019

Personalization of the process and every single person treating my new home as though it was there own! Pride of workmanship and commitment to make it beyond a pleasant experience to an amazing once-in-a-lifetime experience. The designer service to help with the selections was very much appreciated and make the whole house come together so nicely. From the first signature with Jodi to receiving the keys from Jodi, Chris, and Russ, the entire process was brilliant. Even paying the bills was pleasant because of Ryan’s expertise and accurate process!

Sharon | Cranston's Riverstone | August 2019
Cranston's Riverstone

Gregory and Heather | Ranchers' Rise Okotoks | February 2019

The entire Baywest staff/family we have come in contact with over the 8 month process has been outstanding their patience, concern, assistance and general customer service has been professional, timely, courteous and genuinely caring and thoughtful. Our BEST building experience ever bar none!

This is a builder with integrity, honesty, flexibility and professionalism that we would recommend without question they are to be applauded for their outstanding “customer service”

Gregory and Heather | Ranchers' Rise Okotoks | February 2019
Ranchers' Rise Okotoks

Obed - Dressage in Silverado | February 2019

Extremely happy with everything. The Baywest team listed to our needs and executed our vision. Baywest homes are the BEST.

Obed - Dressage in Silverado | February 2019
Dressage in Silverado

Chris - Cranston's Riverstone Jan 2019

The people. We can’t say it enough. Between Jodi, Cathy, Missy & Vishal in the showroom to Chris & Sean during construction and now Russ on aftercare, these people are the faces of Baywest and we really appreciate all the help that they provided along the way. The knowledge these folks bring is incredible, from me mentioning something in passing to two weeks later during plan review Jodi has incorporated my thought in but made it better somehow. Chris after talking to me a couple times knew what I was thinking and ran a few changes past us that made complete sense and that on the plans you would never see. These guys and gals are professionals.

Chris | Cranston's Riverstone | January 2019
Cranston's Riverstone

Harmony's Aspen

July 2018

Sandi Newell has been incredibly supportive and helpful during the design stage. As I designed this home myself, she and I spent many hours together discussing design issues. She was also instrumental in ensuring that the project came in on a budget we could afford. Without her this project never could or would have happened. Also, Bryon (Construction Supervisor) was very helpful during the construction process and during the post construction follow up’s Stan (Customer Experience Supervisor) has proved himself irreplaceable to this point.

J Mulder | July 2018 | Harmony Aspen
Harmony Aspen

Harmony's Tamarack

May 2018

I think the construction team that we were lucky enough to get were so fantastic. Dustin is a rock star on meticulous work (and I am a perfectionist and still think stuff he did and proactively noticed was totally perfect - will continually repeat that Baywest is super lucky to have him).

Bryon always answered my questions and didn’t miss following up on anything I inquired about. Rock star team and I feel fortunate I think we got some of the best trade crews Baywest uses too.

Shannon is awesome and so thoughtful - always followed up on questions and had great ideas. Jodi and Reilly were always available to answer questions. Much appreciated the thoughtful responses and time they spent

G. Mann | May 2018 | Harmony Tamarack
Harmony Tamarack

New build in Oakridge SW

May 2018

We have been in our new house built by Baywest for nearly a year. We couldn’t be happier with our house. Its truly our dream home - a high quality family home, located in Oakridge, the older neighborhood we love.

Everyone at Baywest was fantastic. Glenn was honest, knowledgeable and straightforward. We never felt pressured to upgrade and always received honest answers. Jordan was a great site manager. He was highly responsive and ensured that everything was timely, as well as completed to the highest standard. The communication from both was excellent. We were kept well informed throughout.

We have had many people go out of their way to tell us our home is beautiful and it’s style fits perfectly into the neighborhood.

We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Baywest!

Michelle & Dominick | May 2018 | Oakridge
Oakridge SW

Harmony's Tamarack

March 2018

    Exceeded all of my expectations. While I was somewhat skeptical of how engaged my builder would be once we “signed on the dotted line”, the continued commitment I experienced throughout the process, and still experience post-possession, would be one of my loudest comments to anyone choosing between Baywest and a competing builder.

    Pre-Occupancy Inspection This was a period where I felt that Baywest was clearly “on my side” and wanted to deliver a quality product. It surprises me how often businesses let small items materially alter a client experience, and this is an area where Baywest did not fall prey to that error. Our representatives were proactive in their identification of items that could be improved and repaired, and offered advice where appropriat. It was a lot to digest, so without Baywest taking this approach I could have been left feeling like something was being pushed past me. It was a clear indication that quality mattered and that they weren’t already thinking of the “next one”.

    Munoz | March 2018 | Harmony Tamarack
    Harmony Tamarack

    Harmony's Aspen

    February 2018

    ​Sandi and Ellen have been incredible to work with. By far the best sales people we have dealt with in the new home sales world. Ashley made the entire selections process a lot of fun. She listened to what our desire and tastes were and made amazing suggestions based on this. We would love to work with Ashley if we had the opportunity.

    Bryan H. | February 2018 | Harmony Aspen
    Harmony Aspen

    Cranston's Riverstone

    September 2017

    Jodi was AMAZING!!!!!!!! He was knowledgeable and always available to answer our questions. We visited all the builders in the Riverstone area and Jodi’s sales approach was just more honest and upfront. There wasn’t any surprises because he priced everything “in” rather than quoting us a low price to get us in the door and then tacking on all the “extras” like a deck.

    Kyle H | September 2017 | Cranston's Riverstone
    Cranston's Riverstone

    Auburn Bay

    August 2017

    “I feel that we were very well informed on the front end, Jan and Amanda really took so much time and put so much into this process for us. To inform us and keep everything on the “up and up”. I had an absolutely fantastic experience with building a home. I would do it again in a heart beat and I would absolutely recommend Baywest above any of the other builders we had spoken with prior to choosing Baywest. I’m so glad we had this experience and even when things were not working properly or needed repairs, I felt confident and trusted in this company to stand behind their product. Everyone we have over is so amazed at the use of space and efficiency in our home. It’s been a pleasure working with everyone. Thank you.

    Richard and Paula B | August 2017 | Auburn Bay
    Auburn Bay

    Bowness Custom Home Build

    We are extremely pleased with the home Baywest built for us. On the construction side, Baywest made suggestions to our foundation and structure that we believe resulted in a more sound, strong home. On the design side, we worked together to create a home that perfectly reflects our lifestyle, preferences and taste. On customer service, their people were very responsive, friendly and remained focused on the small details as well as the big picture.

    Our home is a product of much thought and attention, resulting in a dream home we enjoy immensely today. We believe there is no other home that will meet our needs as well as this one. Thank you Baywest!!

    Rob & Siren Nieuwesteeg | Bowness
    Bowness, Calgary

    Cranston Estates Build

    November 03, 2011

    Hi Greg,

    Many thanks for the work you have done last week to solve the condensation problem in the attic. I think the roof vent replacement with proper goosenecks was the most likely cause of moist air leaking into the attic and the increased fan size in the main bathroom should complete the job.

    Needless to say, I was not only concerned about the water stains on the ceiling but the potential long term effect and possible mold problem. It means a great deal to us that Baywest stands by their product as you have done- and performed the repairs. Needless to say a house is a major purchase and I was not expecting to be making repairs to a new home this early. The fact that you have recognized that this was an original contractor defect and accepted it as a warranty item has increased my confidence in your integrity as a builder and I would not hesitate to purchase another home from you. At this time we love the place and will be here for a considerable time. I have however recommended Baywest to a neighbor who recently purchased a Ridge home from you.

    Another friend is looking to move into a larger estate home in Cranston and I have recommended they buy a Baywest home. Customer satisfaction does pay off in word of mouth advertising. I hope you will continue to address warranty work for home buyers even years after the purchase if it was a construction defect, it certainly gave me great confidence in you as a builder and I feel very good that I bought a home from you. I know that my house was built very well having followed the construction and it is a very comfortable home to live in, we made the right choice.

    My neighbors who built with other companies in Cranston have not been very successful in having even minor repairs done immediately after taking possession and have lists with 35 items but not one repair was performed. They do not speak well of their builders and will not buy from them again. Many have already sold and moved on. I purchased a new house from one of your competitors before this home and the construction was so bad that I refused to take possession and they returned my deposit so you can understand how bad it was. The current occupants were having dinner on a rainy night and water started to pour through the ceiling light fixture and it is a 2 story house. The entire downstairs hardwood floors were replaced 3 times because the sub floor is warped and moves around. I was pleased that all I had to do was tell you my problem and it was taken care of. It was great peace of mind and I am very thankful for you kindness in resolving this issue. I will continue to recommend Baywest to anyone I know who is looking to build a new home. Thank you again.


    John and Jackie Sanderson
    Cranston Estates

    Market Street Homes by Baywest, Nolan Hill

    To Market Street Homes, C/O Baywest Homes

    For a few years now my boyfriend and I had been looking at homes to buy, but none of them really jumped out at us. When my mom mentioned the show homes in Nolan Hill I had to go check them out -as they were close to where we were living.

    My mom and I walked through a few of the show homes and when we got to the Market Street Mercato I fell in love! I wanted to bring my boyfriend back the next day. With little debate, we both decided this was the house we wanted to live in- and as a bonus we scored the last Baywest south facing backyard!! (Baywest Sales Consultant) Sandi Newell was a pleasure to work with throughout the whole process, no questions went unanswered and she helped us whenever she could, she was always very friendly and patient! We made weekly visits to our new house and Sandi was very good at sending me pictures when she caught something exciting going on! Clint was great to work with; he was very understanding and patient to us first time builders. Christa was very helpful with bringing all the colors we liked together and helping us select the best fit for us!!

    I would recommend Baywest to anyone. The house is amazing and there isn’t anything we don’t love about our new home!! Very good quality and craftsmanship.

    Lisa DeVido
    Nolan Hill, Calgary

    Elbow Valley Custom Home Build

    Date of possession: Aug 11, 2011

    Buying a house is a major commitment and no small undertaking. My wife and I have done this 4 times in the last 7 years and the last 2 was with Baywest. The Baywest team did not build the house FOR me, they built it WITH me. This is Baywest’s key differentiator. Expect problems, Expect the occasional miss communication, Expect the occasional mistake….it’s all part of the building process—- any builder that tells you otherwise is lying. To us, the reason why we have built with Baywest twice now is 100% because of the partnership, the honesty, the collaboration, and the mutual respect for each other as we deal with things as a team. Issues upon issues were dealt with in a great manner. Some were my mistakes, some theirs, and some the vendors but we all worked through it in a positive attitude. We worked hard together for over 14 months from concept phase right through to possession. 14 months is a long time but it was a great experience creating this house and could not have been possible without the strong relationship we had with Baywest.

    Andrea and I would definitely recommend future home buyers to talk with baywest and select them as a builder for their home. The relationship we have with the team there is great and you never know when we will build again….. and when we do, Baywest will be the 1st ones we speak to.


    Andrew Leung

    After five years in their first home—with a standard ‘big builder’ plan—Jason and Amanda now knew through experience exactly what they wanted. And didn’t want.

    “We wanted a walk-out, a larger laundry room, extra bedrooms to accommodate visiting family members, a proper entertainment area this time, a larger garage to fit Jason’s tools, and really contemporary design elements,” outlines Amanda.

    Armed with a checklist of must-haves, a desire for upgrades, and the ability to customize, the professional couple investigated several builders, but grew increasingly frustrated by the restrictions they faced when inquiring about modifications. This ranged from minor fixes being denied to having to pay significant upfront fees simply for the right to change something.

    “We had heard of Baywest and knew its “Red Pen,” meant freedom. We just didn’t know to what extent,” says Jason. “What we soon discovered was there was almost nothing we couldn’t change.”

    Between this flexibility and the knowledgeable customer service experience at the showhome, they knew Baywest was the builder for them.

    After their Baywest Home Planning Specialist had guided them to a floorplan that would best accommodate the changes they wanted, the couple were given dozens of blank floorplan sheets to experiment with different ideas.

    “At first I was scared of my choices. With the Baywest coaching, however, it worked out perfectly. Jodi proactively made suggestions and recommendations. He knew, if we moved this wall or beam, that there would be structural implications, and he would then make another option available to us,” says Amanda.

    “When we got our official blueprints with all the changes, we saw some more fixes, and got a second set of blueprints for no extra charge. It wasn’t – ‘here are the blueprints….this is what we’re building.’ We got to catch some of our mistakes,” explains Jason.

    Now that Jason and Amanda had their perfect layout, they indulged in their dream upgrades including hardwood, granite, modern glass lighting, and more, all custom selected.

    “We preferred Baywest’s boutique approach of having us go to each specialty store, rather than sit in a massive design centre. We could ask each expert at every shop for their personal insight, and had access to more inventory,” says Jason.

    The couple were also impressed by the customer service throughout construction, receiving a call from the construction manager than one of their choices for a bulkhead wasn’t going to look quite right, giving them the opportunity to change mid-construction. A fixture that was incorrectly billed from the store, also got immediately handled by management.

    “There was great follow up with any issues. It’s hard to stay mad when it’s dealt with so quickly,” says Jason.

    What advice do they have for clients considering Baywest?

    “People shy away from ‘custom’ because it sounds expensive. But that doesn’t need to be the case,”advises Jason.

    “Sometimes the Red Pen seems daunting because it is so MUCH power! But, you don’t have to move walls. It can be as simple as some extra light switches, or changing where the dining room light fixture is going to be positioned in the ceiling,” says Amanda.

    “The Baywest plans are really nice,” adds Jason. “That’s the thing. But it comforts you to know you can change things if you want.”

    “There is nothing we regret in our Baywest Home,” claims Amanda. “We’ll be here a long time.”

    Jason and Amanda