Giving Back & Emerging Artist Program

We Build Homes & Support Communities.

Baywest Homes have always made giving back to the community a high priority. We do it daily, and it’s engrained in our company philosophy. We are all connected to each and every other person in the world, We all share the same humanity, and it’s directly on companies like ours to do something to try to make the world a better place, whether its donating money to build a playground in one of the neighbourhoods we build, throwing gala parties to raise money for the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation or working with Paul Brandt to build homes for a humanitarian initiative. It’s all in a days work.

Emerging Artists Program

Baywest Homes recognizes that art can have an impact on our living space. Art makes our lives joyful and creates the atmosphere that we want to live in, which is personable to us. Art is everywhere influencing us by having an impact on our mood and emotions.

The Emerging Artists Program helps artists bridge the gap from emerging to established. Our vision of this program allows our Showhome Designer to select artists paintings through blinded entries and then we sponsor and feature talented artist’s work in our Showhomes.

We have had the honor of featuring many emerging artists paintings in the following communities.

For those interested in being a part of our program please email us at -

Emerging Artist Harmony Tamarack

Lindsey Weatherby

Lindsey Weatherby is a self taught artist who works with mixed media on canvass to create touching, inspiring nature scenes from the landscape around her. She finds the courage and drive to paint her surroundings with the hope that through her eyes, others will be able to see the beauty and feel supported by the natural awe that is around us all the time. Lindsey says this about her work:

“I have always had the artistic thread but have just recently committed to doing what I love and sharing this with others. Creating my pieces allows me to daydream, meditate and discover different parts of myself through every different phase of the piece. Nature inspires me the most, and encourages me to slow down and pay attention to the support, peacefulness and immense beauty that surrounds us. Connecting with nature has helped me find myself, experience deep healing and personal growth, and I hope my view on this helps others do the same. The creative process is one way that leads me to my truest self. I am committed to spirited growth through my work and am incredibly grateful that I get to share myself in this way.”


Emerging Artist Harmony Tamarack

Kristen Powell

“Resonance is the ability to evoke or suggest images, memories and emotions.”

Calgarian artist Kristen Powell is known for her vibrant mixed media pieces that incorporate alcohol ink and sound wave elements. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Calgary and a Bachelor of Education from the University of British Columbia.

For Kristen, music and sound are often connected to important moments and memories. She uses these moments as inspiration to create abstract paintings that include sound waves and symbolic colours with alcohol ink.

Her pieces resonate with viewers because of our shared experience with music and sound. Kristen aims to make emotional experiences tangible and relatable. She enjoys experimenting with new mediums and seeking to create images that resonate with others.

Kristen connects to the frequencies in life to gather inspiration. She is inspired by music and sound, emotional experiences, the senses, the beauty of nature, vibrant colour, new materials, and connecting with her spirituality. Kristen’s preferred medium at the moment is alcohol ink.

Kristen’s hope is that her artwork can engage others in a discussion about the importance of sound in our every day experience. Her artwork moves in-between the digital, multi-media and abstract realms. Her vision is to share artwork with viewers that spark a memory or emotion as it relates to their experience of sound. | Instagram @resonanceartstudio | Facebook

Emerging Artist Harmony Tamarack

Terri Van Lambalgen

Born and raised on the prairies outside of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, I was privileged to meet my first horse at the age of eight. From that point forward, my lifelong passion for horses was formed. After many years in the design profession, I ventured out to start a new chapter in my life. I turn my creativity from the design world to that of painting. Our herd of Braunvieh cattle was the initial inspiration for my paintings but my love for horses, (and all animals) keep me working towards re-creating their unique spirits.


Emerging Artist Walden Ridge

Marie Manon-Corbeil

MARIE MANON-CORBEIL is a visual artist, specializing in impressionistic, abstract and contemporary composition. Born in Montreal, Quebec, in 1960.

Manon had a career in finance, even though her father, recognizing her talent, always encouraged her to become an artist. Since retiring, she now has time to focus full-time doing just that. Manon feels that it is like a rebirth. It feeds her soul.

The canvases provide an outlet for her emotions, imagination and creativity. Boldly embracing her new profession, she studied for several years at the Calgary School of Art.

She has participated in numerous art exhibitions in and around Calgary and her work has been sold to many private collectors and is presented in a variety of commercial and professional contexts. Her paintings are created through spontaneous and intuitive responses, while being engaged in her work. Her style is mixed media, incorporating shapes and bold or sometimes soft colors in layers.

Each canvas is emotionally charged, which is demonstrated through the brush and finger strokes and other elements. What emerges is a very emotional and personal visual display. | | Instagram :

Emerging Artist Walden Ridge

Lisa Kubik

LISA KUBIK Lisa was born and raised in Southern Alberta. She obtained her BA in Design from the Alberta College of Art and Design and has worked in the design field for 20+ years. Seven years ago, however, she rekindled her passion for painting on canvas and creating one-of-a-kind hand painted, healing silk scarves.

As with many artists, her inspiration comes from life itself. She choose to capture the LOVE in all things through her heART. She creates colourful, spirited paintings using her intuition to convey messages of love, hope and inspiration. Her intention is that these paintings can be used as a tool for healing the soul, as it is from her soul that she visualizes, perceive energies, and then creates art from that space.

The colours she chooses, hypnotize you with a cosmic vibrance. Hearts open and mystical things occur as her paintings are the conduits which help shift the viewers perspective and initiates a remembering of their divine calling. One word … LOVE.| TWITTER INSTAGRAM

Emerging Artist at Harmony Aspen

Jennifer Volmer

JENNIFER VOLMER is a visual artist residing in Calgary with her husband and three children.

Her work is heavily influenced by a background in graphic and visual design, as well as a love for bold, bright hues, merged with abstract, natural components.

Acrylics and inks are her preferred mediums, utilizing canvas and non-porous surfaces for presentation. Contrast, color and depth combine with intangible qualities of vibrant energy and emotion to conceive original and inspired works of art.

Emerging Artist at Harmony Aspen

Liba Labik

LIBA LABIK is Alberta-based artist. Liba creates mixed media artworks that dwell on the experience of time and changes within time. Liba is influenced by surrealist and romantic painting styles, and often combines abstraction, figurative work and natural forms.

Originally from the Czech Republic, Liba Labik (Liba) arrived in Canada in 1993.She has been creating art since her early childhood .Liba studied at the Alberta College of Art & Design in Calgary (BFA Painting Major) from 1998-2002. Since the graduation she creates and teaches art full time.

Emerging Artist at Harmony Aspen

Yvonne Dixon

YVONNE DIXON Yvonne’s passion for art started at a young age and continued into her early 20’s before getting married and starting a family. Inspiration in early years came from watching Bob Ross on PBS and various art classes taken throughout school. Her deep rooted love for art is derived from everything around her. While she began painting only for friends and family it quickly turned into the career that she had always dreamed of.

Every day, every moment and every thought is spent creating, expanding and growing her work. Inspiration for her artwork comes from her Indigenous heritage and a love of travel exploring the stunning scenery of Western Canada. Her abstract paintings are a little bit of everything she see’s, feels and does. They reflect a mood, a season, or even just the deep feeling of passing memory.

Emerging Artist at Harmony Aspen

Tammy Fischer

TAMMY FISCHER is a fourth generation Calgarian. She is influenced by where she is from, her experiences and the beautiful landscapes around her, the impact of these experiences can be seen in her work, what she creates and her own personal style shine through because of this beautiful place.

Her love of color and working with many different mediums as she plays with shapes and forms to create mixed media pieces that are thoughtfully put together, as an investigation of ideas and the exploration of place, which are all part of the journey of discovery. The past shapes and moulds us, as does where we have been.

Tammy creates to explore her past and where she has been, always with an eye to the future and waiting to see what it is we will leave behind. The pieces she builds are layered and fashioned to reflect shapes, forms and movement; these functions depend upon each other, dissolving the physicality and solidity of form, creating a vibration of movement the possibility of seeing sound.

Emerging Artist at Harmony

Terry Kruse

TERRY KRUSE is a Calgary artist inspired by the colours and intensities of nature.

She paints from her heart and produces lively and fascinating abstracts without the use of a paint brush. Terry’s passion for creating is limitless. Colour and even purity of colour are important and while she uses a limited palette, her unique method creates unlimited tones rarely available in an art store.

Terry’s process involves the manipulation of canvas with instinctive and controlled pouring of acrylic paint, usually requiring several pours, each affecting the viscosity of the proceeding layers. This layering changes the palette, creating colours with rich hues while showing tremendous movement and depth.

Terry’s art somehow breaths and has a visual texture with elements, fine lines and blending that can’t be created with a brush. Each piece speaks differently yet the overall impression is of warmth and happiness, echoing the emotions Terry feels when creating these bold canvasses. And because of her distinctive method each piece is truly one of a kind, both exclusive and unrepeatable.

Emerging Artist at Rancher's Rise

Doug Farries

Doug was born in Calgary, raised in Edmonton, and returned to Calgary to attend art school. He’s been a proud Calgarian since.

Doug painted and drew, as most children do. He then progressed to taking over the basement walls of his parent’s home and was given free reign. The walls were covered with his paintings and graffiti. After high school and several jobs, he decided to explore where his heart and skills lay. Doug graduated in the mid 1980’s from ACAD with a diploma in Fine Art with a Major in Painting.

Art is something Doug needs to do. Otherwise, he feels something is missing in his life. He enjoys sharing ideas and inviting others on his visual journey. “With our current pace of life, art helps you pause for a moment, slow down and observe”.

Working primarily with oil paint on canvas or board, his paintings depict nature through various compositions and landscapes. “The paintings are as much about the consistency of the paint, brush strokes and application, as they are the image.” As he continues to paint, with each completed artwork, he learns and discovers something new.

Emerging Artist at Rancher's Rise

Terri Heinrichs

Terri Heinrichs is a self-taught artist who views every experience as an opportunity to learn and experiment with her artwork. She gains inspiration from working with other artists, photographs that she takes and digitally processes, methods learned from a wide variety of published and online resources, and workshops.

With experience in several different mediums, her work is ever-evolving as she stretches towards excellence in each. Terri has been painting and selling her work across Western Canada since 2001. She has sold her work privately and in group showings.

Emerging Artist continued

Once in a while, Terri teaches art on cruises, which is an absolutely delightful experience for her.

In June 2013, Terri set up The Alberta Flood Rose Project in order to bring the Calgary visual arts community together to raise money for the flood victims in southern Alberta. Over 450 artists participated, raising over $25,000 for the Canadian Red Cross. For more information, please visit

“Through the layers of my art, I’m celebrating the beautiful complexity of life. It’s the everyday in-between, that sets us up… for the spectacular.” says Terri

NEW! Terri now offers a relaxing Introduction to Watercolor class. Get together with friends and get creative!

Contact to learn more.

Emerging Artist at Cranston's Riverstone

Mindi Oaten

Mindi Oaten, having lived in both the United States and Canada, now resides in Cochrane, AB with her husband and three boys. Mindi is a self taught painter and paints in acrylic and occasionally draws in charcoal as portrayed in the Cranston’s Riverstone Showhome.

Mindi has always been creative as far back as she can remember. As a child, art was her favorite subject in school. She always dreamed of adventure and knew she would one day be an artist. After graduation from Western Washington University with a BFA in studio drawing in 2001, the reality of being a full-time artist was intimidating. She moved to Calgary and worked creatively as an interior designer until 2011, occasionally working on art but nothing serious.

Mindi’s emergence as a full-time artist is somewhat of an unique story. In 2014 she had a dream in the night that she was on stage with a painting, the painting was purple. It was a simple but powerful dream. When she woke from that dream the longing to do art burned inside her that of which she had neglected for so many years. Mindi decided to start painting at home, beginning with a purple painting of flowers. A few months later, she received a call from her cousin who leads a revival ministry in Dallas, TX and was asked to paint on stage as part of an evening worship. Divinely orchestrated her dream had become a reality. That launched Mindi into a full time career as an artist and has over 150 paintings. Mindi’s art is more realistic and impressionistic in style. She enjoys painting and drawing still life objects, capturing the beauty in nature and occasionally an abstract connecting the work with a deeper message.

To learn more about Mindi’s work visit her website

Emerging Artist at Cranston's Riverstone

Marnie Joy Erickson

Marnie Joy Erickson is a Calgary based artist who loves vibrant colors and the building up and excavating of texture in layer. She started painting, in earnest, a little over two years ago after attending a week long workshop with a fantastic instructor and has not stopped painting since.

Her love for the creatures of the natural world shows up in her work as subject matter - birds, bunnies and fox’s make regular appearances.

Marnie works in a variety of mixed mediums and believes a home should be filled with art that makes you happy. “Art matters - it makes a difference in life”, says Marnie. “Our mood, our outlook, our philosophy - they all benefit from positive art that beckons us toward gratitude, compassion and innovative problem solving”.

In Marnie’s work her aim is to add beauty and incite curiosity about the world and our role in it.

To learn more about Marnie’s work visit her website

Emerging Artist - Cranston's Riverstone

Heidi Smyth

Heidi Smyth - Cochrane Alberta

Why do I paint? I paint because it does not require words. It does not require explaining as you move through it. I can move in a different dimension when words and explaining feel so inadequate. It is a world of sensing, seeing, moving, feeling, expressing and pouring myself out in a purely intuitive way. I paint because I must. For me to be who I am meant to be in this world, I must paint. It is where I can let go, and explore and is a place of freedom where I am my very best self. I paint to bless others and hopefully touch people in unexpected ways.

How do I paint? I paint with hands, drops, brushes, spray bottles, sponges, prayer, scrapers, gravity, love, textures, glue, oils, acrylics. I paint on mostly canvas, but also paper, wood, canvas board, walls fabrics and there are a million other things I want to try.

Practical’s About Me. I am a Mom to two amazing girls and a wife to one great guy. I have been painting for about 7 years with no formal training but has attended some amazing workshops which contributes greatly to my process.

I can’t stop exploring as my ‘style’ is constantly evolving and L.O.V.E. doing commissions. I own a studio in Cochrane, AB called SMYTH art and STUDIO which is also evolving. I am always looking to help people create the atmosphere they are wanting in their home or work space.

To learn more visit Heidi’s Facebook or Instagram page

Building Hope for Kids Gala

October 2018

Baywest Homes and Calgary Mariott Downtown presented the seventh edition of the Building Hope for ‘Kids Gala: A Night in New Orleans!

This annual event welcomes over 600 building and development industry professionals each year who share a desire to support the Alberta’s Children’s Hospital, while experiencing some of the world’s most exciting locales. Together we have travelled to New York, Park, Rio de Janeiro Italy and Mexico.

This year we invited guests to experience New Orleans, a city as famous for its food and music as for its unique traditions. With live jazz music, auctions, prizing, surprise entertainment and themed food and drink.

Building Hope for Kids

Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation

Now in its sixth year, Building Hope for Kids has raised over one million dollars for the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation. This is all thanks to our guests and sponsors, a mix of local business leaders and community members dedicated to supporting the kids and families who use the Alberta Children’s Hospital every year.

Baywest Homes, in partnership with The Calgary Marriott Downtown and Brookfield Residential present a yearly gala with the hallmark of themed food, drink, entertainment and unmatched décor that transport you to an exotic city the minute you step in the door. This annual event welcomes over 600 development and industry building professionals who share a desire to support the Alberta Children’s Hospital while experiencing some of the world’s most exciting locales

Join us on Saturday October 28th as we celebrate A Night in Mexico! - Experience Mexico with live music, auctions, prizing, surprise entertainment and themed food and drink. Purchase your tickets today

United Way of Calgary & Area

From the passionate involvment of our Chairman, Bill Pringle, this company gets behind the United Way of Calgary and Area. In 2006 Baywest undertook several initiatives to raise just over $70,000. This included a commitment that for every Baywest home sold in the community of Crystal Green, Okotoks, Baywest would make a $500 donation to the United Way of Calgary and Area. This raised over $12,000 alone, the rest generated by staff driven fundraising and matching donations from Baywest. Every year we come up with a new way to raise money for this important organization. We’ve done everything from Mini-Olympics, to dressing up our Showhomes as haunted houses, to coat and donation drives.

Paul Brandt's Build It Forward

TV Documentary, 2010 / 2011

The concept and vision of Canadian country music star Paul Brandt, BUILD IT FORWARD chronicled the emotional journey of seven separate families at risk of homelessness who recieved a new home. While the recipient family works first hand and receives the goodwill and grace of donations and volunteers in the creation of their new home, they are also required to “build it forward” by volunteering in their own community as well as travelling abroad to help build for others in need. This movement was documented with 7 episodes, airing September 2011 on CMT Canada.

“When Paul Brandt first approached us to participate in such a meaningful way, the question was never ‘should we participate? It was a unanimous understanding that this is simply the right thing to do. And when can we start? Our trades and suppliers only confirmed that we had made the right move with their outpouring of support, resources and participation. Our business is based on building custom homes- from conventional residences, to grand estate masterpieces- usually for families that are blessed to afford them. Paul Brandt’s Build it Forward allowed us to help out two families that truly needed our help. Most charity work involves giving money or volunteering and sometimes you don’t always get to see the benefits of your efforts. This project is different; we become a part of something. We can experience first-hand how the careers we work at every day at Baywest, can impact and change lives. This, without question was a profound ‘coming of age,’ for our company”.

Safe Haven Foundation of Canada

Another charitable organization close to Baywest’s heart is the Safe Haven foundation of Canada. Safe Haven is a privately funded, non profit organization established to provide long term homes with stable family environments and lifetime relationships to homeless and at risk teenage girls. Baywest was a partner and supporter of Safe Haven Foundation for the annual Street of Dreams Gala for three years.

Habitat for Humanity

ReStores are building supply stores that accept and resell quality new and used building materials as well as furniture. They generate funds to support Habitat’s building programs, while reducing the amount of used materials that are headed for overflowing landfills. Baywest Homes donates some of its showhome furniture to Habitat’s ReStore program. Baywest is also partnered with Habitat for Humanity on “Paul Brandt’s Build it Forward” initiative, where they will build two homes for two special families, as part of a CMT documentary that aired in 2011.