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Hose Bibs Water Shut Off | Winterizing

October 08 2019

Today we are going to talk about hose bibs and shutting them off before winter so you don’t have any leak issues that could cause the line to freeze and expand causing the pipes to split which can be very expensive.

Here is a step by step easy guide:

1. Located in your basement’s mechanical room you will shut hose bib off. In all Baywest Homes you will see a identification tag. Your valve could also be located in the basement crawl space or utility room.

2. Once that is complete proceed outside to drain the line.

  • Detach hose from hose bib and store inside for winter
  • Open up the drain valve and let the water bleed out

3. Back to mechanical room to drain any of that excess water out of the line

  • Open up bleeder value located on the side
  • After that is drained out. Close off the valve

Boom. You are all done!