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Surface Water Control Management

May 09 2019

Today we want to talk about ground settlements and how it affects your foundation and your house. Ground settlement occurs whenever water pools up against a foundation and actually leaches down and sinks the soil with it.

When there is a negative slope, water would actually drain back to the house and pool up against the foundation and possibly cause some further issues.

Please follow these steps to correct the grades.

Tools needed for this task that you can find at any local hardware store; Home Depot , Lowes or Canadian Tire

  1. Cut the area out that’s settled
  2. Use your spade, cut the grass and then start peeling it back - just cutting the roots very slowly.
  3. Peel the grass back
  4. Fill that area back with clay
  5. Tamp it down.
  6. Roll the grass back into place
  7. Tamp again to flatten everything out.
  8. To check for slope, take a 4’ level and place it against the highest point of your foundation
  9. Measure that you have four inches of clearance underneath that level. This means you have one inch per foot of slope.

Thanks for taking the time to watch your video today guys stay tuned for more videos to come.