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Furnace Maintenance

August 08 2019

Today we want to talk about your furnace and how to keep it operating at its maximum efficiency.

  • Change your air filter at least every 6 months.
  • Contact your local service cleaning company to have them serviced and cleaned every few years.

What do you do if the furnace accidently trips off and how to change filter.

1. First check to make sure the switch on your wall is turned ON

2. Check furnace filter.

a. Pop cover off

b. Slide filter out

c. Make sure you can see lights through the pleats and if the filter is dirty it is time to replace

d. When putting in a new filter check for the arrow on the filter and make sure it is pointing towards the furnace itself. Look on the filter itself for a model number and visit your local hardware store.

e. Put cover back on.

If there is issues, before calling a service technician you can check the following:

1. Look inside the unit itself.

2. Check to make sure your On/Off switch is turned ON

3. At the very bottom of the unit there is a flashing light and there would be a code if there is an issue.

4. Contact your service technician and relay that code.

5. In the winter months, ensure that your exterior exhaust pipe is free of ice.

Boom. You are done!

Please note that at Baywest our homes come standard with a Merve 11 air filter so some aspects of servicing seen in this video may differ.