Made To Measure Building Made Easy

Choose the Baywest Building Process that’s Right for You

Everyone has different priorities, budgets and schedules. Baywest is ready to cater to Calgary’s choosiest and most creative homeowners with three styles of homebuilding:

Ready-to-Go, Tailored and Custom.

The choice is yours. Do you prefer the efficiency and value of shopping for something that fits right away? Or do you tend towards the tailored experience of getting something altered to fit your tastes? Maybe you want to go the extra mile to have something designed from scratch—a one-of-a-kind original, where all the consultations and investments of time are worth it.

Ready-to-Go Home

Isn’t it great when you find the perfect fit right off the rack? With a Baywest Ready-to-Go Home, you will find a floorplan that fits like a glove - no changes needed.

Ready-to-Go Home

Build from a ‘Life-Ready’ Floorplan

Choose from dozens of thoughtfully designed and award-winning plans. It’s the most efficient, most affordable, most convenient way to build. Other than the usual construction decisions, approvals and deciding on interior options – you’ll be thrilled to bits that you’ve found what you wanted without the fuss.

We continue to evolve with modern layout ideas for today’s homeowner, taking “open concept” to new levels, finding more efficient uses for space, tucking in practical nooks and features and being more creative in addressing contemporary lifestyles.


Remodel a floorplan to fit your lifestyle.


The Red Pen Home Design Process

Sometimes a few personalized alterations make a good fit even better. Many people try on a suit and it fits, but some tailoring would really make it more comfortable. In cases like this, you’re willing to invest a little more, show up for fittings and take the extra time to implement your changes – but it’s well worth it! The final result shows off a signature style that’s distinctly you. This is the beauty of the Baywest Tailored Home approach.

The process starts with finding a floorplan that most closely meets your expectations, then working with your Sales Consultant to use the famous “RED PEN” to squiggle, circle and create the structural modifications you need.

With the Red Pen you have the option to move walls or combine rooms, but it doesn’t always need to be so significant. It can be as simple as some extra light switches, or changing where the dining room light fixture is going to be positioned in the ceiling.

Whether it is the design of your home or the selection of your finishes, you have the ability with our professional guidance and advice to make the choices that reflect your personal needs.

Custom Home

For those with a truly original sense of style, a homesite of their own and a desire to participate in the design process, Baywest provides the haute couture of homes – the Custom Original.

Custom Home

Create a Custom Plan

With our 30-year history so deeply rooted in the custom experience, it’s natural for Baywest to provide superb custom home design, construction and service.

Baywest builds in select new communities that allow for custom building, but we don’t stop there. Our Custom Division now extends to individually owned homeowner properties in highly desirable inner city neighbourhoods. We call this program Urban Living by Baywest Homes.

To the inner city equation, Baywest brings a much needed specialty niche:
We recognize that not all people who want to live in Calgary’s established beltline communities have unlimited budgets and years of time to invest in their dream home. That’s why our new wave of customers are thrilled with our more efficient approach that gives them the flexibility of designing from scratch, or adapting designs we may already have in our inventory.

  • The freedom of building a custom inner city home, but at a more attainable price.
  • The added economies, skilled personnel, faster build times and security only an experienced production builder can provide.

Contact us for a no-obligation consultation to explore your options.